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Dozenten-Tätigkeit: Entrepreneurship im Bereich Kreativwirtschaft

Entrepreneurship im Bereich Kreativwirtschaft.

WURDE LEIDER AUFGRUND DER PANDEMIE ABGESAGT. Im Rahmen eines internationalen Austauschprogramms der University of Applied Science wurde ich mit der Ausrichtung des Themenbereichs Entrepreneurship & Leadership Management Weiterbildungsprogramms im Rahmen des Sommersemester-Austauschsprogramms betraut.

Inhalt des Kurses: Entrepreneurship: Learn how to start a new business venture and get it on road. Gain basic and practical insights on how to identify and visualize a business idea based on Design Thinking. Using the Business Model Canvas you will be able to present your business concept and further develop your start-up idea. You will learn to evaluate and design your business opportunities in a practical way. In this exciting week, you will be introduced to the tools to help you create your own business plan.

You will colloaborate in virtual teams to develop and implement a business or project idea. At the end of the week you will present virtually your business concept to a jury with a team in pitch deck.  In cooperation with students from all over the world, you will quickly increase your self-confidence and be able to use the skills you learned outside of the classroom. The course will be  taught with a mixture of lectures, workshops in virtual group rooms and moderated group discussions; guest speakers will round up the course. No previous knowledge in this field is required – we simply invite you to take an interest in innovation, entrepreneurship and teamwork.

Ich freue mich auf diesen Online-Sommeraustausch-Kurs, der am 20. Juli bis 03. August 2020 von der University of Applied Science Europe durchgeführt wird.